‘Electric Fish’ charged up as water licenses and environmental approvals are received

Cradock, Eastern Cape.

The weir on Beenleegte farm – one of the first Electric Fish hydro sites to gain general water usage licenses and environmental approvals.

In a glowing example of co-operation between independent power producers and government, a local Eastern Cape hydro-electric enterprise – ‘Electric Fish’ – is moving ahead with remarkable efficiency.

Electric Fish is a joint venture between Fusion Energy Holdings and Navitas Power Equipment. The partners are currently developing a pipeline of small, run-of-river hydro projects up and down the Fish River where – either existing weirs in the Great Fish, or linking canals from the Lower Fish River Scheme – create steady and predictable volumes of flowing water that are ideal for hydro-electric sites.

In recent weeks, general water usage licenses and environmental approvals have been granted to sites on ‘Beenleegte’ and ‘Little Fish’ farms, effectively green-lighting these two independent electricity suppliers.

Local businessman and Electric Fish partner, Brandon Polley, praised the speedy co-operation and efficiency of the authorities.

“This is great news. It shows just how seriously the Eastern Cape administration is viewing the advantages of renewable energy in the region.”

Fusion Energy’s CEO, Wendy Green explained: “Small, independent hydro-electric utilities provide numerous benefits. More than producing clean, steady and affordable electricity, these projects stabilize the regional grid, stimulate the local economy, and, most importantly, provide significant revenue to develop local communities.”

The Electric Fish partners have already identified a further six hydro sites along the Fish River, and have secured agreements with the farmers.

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